Have you ever seen the sitcom, ‘The Middle’? One of my favourite members of the TV family in this programme is a boy named Brick. He is extremely intelligent and endearing, but could be classed as odd.

He always has his nose in a book and he has a love of, well, fonts. His idea to persuade a girl in his class to like him was to show her his fonts. Have a look at this little clip and you’ll see a bit of Brick’s quirky charm.

This reminded me of one time when I was working with a colleague, and we were composing an email message to a software vendor. The fonts got muddled up, and part of the message was in Times New Roman, and the other part was in Arial. Both my colleague and I stopped immediately and said, “Wait a minute! What’s happened to the fonts? That simply won’t do, tsk, tsk.” and we quickly fixed the inconsistency in the fonts.

Magnifying Glass

Meanwhile, our neighbour in the next cubicle was shaking his head at us, thinking we were mad to worry about such a detail. My colleague and I? We had an appreciation for The Font. If you are going to do something, then it should be done well…in a uniform font, preferably in a font that’s easy to read, not too big, not too small…

I think I just realised that Brick is not the only one who could be called odd!

My strange font fascination aside, if you are not the kind of person to notice where the fonts have got muddled up, then chances are, you would do well to be supported by someone who notices these things. Having an appreciation for the details adds polish to your written communication and is well worth the effort to make sure it is right.

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Wanna See My Fonts?
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