The Whingeing

I think that perhaps my husband was tired of hearing me whinge about my computer.

“Aargh! I just got the blue screen of death – again!”

“This rickin’ frickin’ thing just crashed and made me lose what I was working on today!”

“Sorry can’t look that up for you just yet, I’ve just switched on, and it takes 30 minutes to boot up.”

The Nagging

It got to a point where he got into nag mode, which is usually my modus operandi.

“You need to get a new computer, when are you going to order one?”

“Have you ordered that new computer yet?”

“Do you want ME to order it for you?”

“When’s the new computer arriving?”

Old Typewriter - might be time for an upgrade

My New Toy

So, I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself a new laptop – something not top of the line, but more powerful than most.

It arrived a few weeks later, and I took it out of its cardboard box. I fired it up and prepared to start and finish War and Peace while I waited for it to boot. I was pleasantly surprised when 1 1/2 minutes later, the PC was waiting for my next command.

However, I was puzzled by the new start-up screen which faced me. My new toy has a touchscreen and is running Windows 8.1. My old laptop was on Vista, and the only touchscreen I’m used to using is the one on my smartphone.

A Learning Curve

I spied the stock market app, which I immediately opened up so that I could change the settings and make it go away – I don’t have much need for stock updates. The only problem was that I didn’t know how to move around in the app, and more importantly I didn’t know how to close it! You would think that with a technology degree, I would be able to figure this out. It was time to get the kids from school anyway, so when we returned home, I got them to show me what to do – kids have an innate ability to figure out anything to do with technology. Turns out Windows 8.1 has lots of hidden functions, and you need to know where to hover your mouse in order to make them appear for you.

After a bit of a learning curve, I’ve mastered the operating system and now I’m flying! The processor on my new computer is exponentially faster than the last one, and I’ve invested in a huge monitor. Now my eyes are no longer sore from looking at a small screen all day.

It’s Just As Well

I’ve taken the old laptop to our local computer nerds to wipe the operating system and install it again from scratch so that my children can use it to play Minecraft. The computer guys told me that they ran some diagnostics on it, and the hard drive was failing. If I had continued to use it, I would surely have lost a lot of data. I always back up my data, but it would have been inconvenient to be without a laptop while I waited for the new one to arrive.

The morals of this story? Always back up your data. Sometimes your spouse is right – but I don’t suggest letting him/her know that. Keep your tools up-to-date, because you don’t realise how much it could be affecting your productivity and/or marriage.

The Time My Husband Was Right

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