It’s getting to be that time of year when I get asked what I want for Christmas. I usually provide a detailed list so that there’s no guesswork required on my husband’s part. It would include simple things like chocolates, a book, some bath smellies; I make it easy for him.

So, I was thinking, what would be on my wishlist for my business? What would I ask Santa to bring me?


Instead of falling exhausted into my bed of a night-time, I’ve been trying to find more time to read informative books. I figure that I need to invest some time in my brain space and watching mindless TV isn’t doing that. So here are a few that I would love to have sitting on my Kindle or on my bedside table:

  • 500 Social Media Marketing Tips by Andrew Macarthy
    – Although I’ve been using social media in its various forms for my personal blog and more recently for my business, I reckon there’s always more I can learn. At this affordable price, if I employ even one tip, and it helps me to connect with some potential clients, then it’s done its job!

  •  Selling For Introverts – Stay True To Who You Are and Increase Your Sales! by Alen Mayer
    – This probably gives quite an insight into my personality, but I’ve never really enjoyed sales positions. It’s why I studied IT; I like the idea of sitting behind a computer. I never really enjoyed asking people to do things they wouldn’t normally want to do. I think this book would help me to find a way to sell my services without going against the grain of my personality.

For My Office

  • Notebooks – I love beautiful notebooks. I’ve been known to buy a notebook even though I hadn’t finished using my last one, just because I like the feel of its brand new pages.
  • New Decor – I have a very basic office that has been cobbled together as I’ve needed more drawer space, a shelf here or a place to put my printer. I haven’t invested in matching furniture, because my office suits me for now. One day I would love to have an office like this one here:
    home office ideas
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    or this one here:

And just for fun, I wouldn’t mind if my office had one of these – I’d fill mine with M&Ms:

So what’s on your wishlist for your business this Christmas?

What’s on Your Small Business Wishlist this Christmas?

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