What is a Virtual Assistant?

Is it a voice on your smart phone or someone who is imagined and not real? No, it is simply a term used to describe an independent service provider who provides administrative, secretarial, creative or technical services, remotely.

With technology such as it is these days, it is feasible to conduct one’s business completely online. A Virtual Assistant uses the tools available to assist you without ever leaving the comfort of his or her home.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

  • 100% productivity – A Virtual Assistant is paid only for the hours worked. You don’t pay for coffee breaks or chats by the water cooler.
  • Less capital outlay – You don’t have to give a Virtual Assistant a desk or a computer, all this is provided by the VA in his or her own home.
  • No employee benefits/obligations to worry about – There’s no fiddly withholding of tax or paying of superannuation, because the Virtual Assistant is not your employee, but rather a business contracting out its services.
  • Affordable assistance when you need it – Most businesses have peaks and troughs and if you’re a small business, you might not be ready to hire full-time staff. Having a Virtual Assistant can mean that you engage that person only when you need the help, and when business is slow, you are not paying someone just to be available.

What’s Different About Magic VA Solutions?

  • A Specialised Service – Magic VA Solutions provides a specialised service, dealing mainly with your online content, such as blog posts, newsletters, email broadcasts and online membership content. This means that the focus is on doing those things well.
  • The Eagle Eye – Often the little errors will be caught before you even realise they were missed. This is the benefit of dealing with someone with an eagle eye.
  • A Varied Background – Years of experience in different computing environments brings an adaptability that another VA, without that breadth of experience, might be missing.
  • The IT-Admin Combo – Not a propeller head by any stretch of the imagination, but enough tech savvy to complement the years of admin experience in a way that will surely benefit your small business.

What Do I Do Next?

Contact me here or connect on Twitter. Let’s chat about your business needs to see what I can do to help you.