Michelle RileyMichelle Riley has more than 9 years under her belt working in an admin capacity at various organisations, while she travelled the world and chalked up some life experience. She then focused on IT as she started her Bachelor of Technology degree and made a career change to become a Business Systems Manager at Philips Electronics – a role she occupied for 3 years.

When it was time to start a family, she continued to work part-time, finished her degree and embarked on a more flexible career as a Virtual Assistant.

In April of 2011, she started her own Virtual Assistance business and now actively supports her clients, located in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom, with their email marketing, blog publishing, visual content creation, social media marketing and membership programmes.

These clients consider her to be:

“someone that you can trust to just ‘get on with it’ and to make sensible decisions when needed” and

“someone with a high level of commitment, tremendous eye for detail and the willingness to succeed”

“a very valued and trusted key person” with an “amazing eye for detail” and a “can-do attitude”

In her spare time, she enjoys watching foreign films, taking photos of nature and talking about herself in the third person. :)

Michelle’s a Canadian who has called Australia home since 1995. She’s a wife, a mum to two young men, a little dog owner, country music lover, coffee drinker and a fan of life in the tropics of Far North Queensland.