Want to learn how to upload a photo from Instagram to Twitter so that people see it right away? This video tip will help!

How to Upload Images from Instagram to TwitterSomething that has been a royal pain in the neck is the fact that when you post images to Twitter from some platforms, it converts the photo into a link instead of showing the actual photo to your followers. This is true for Instagram and because Instagram is all about the visuals, it is frustrating that the photo isn’t being seen unless someone clicks the link. It’s just that one additional step that a lot of people won’t take unless your Instagram caption is really intriguing.

Here’s a little workaround that you can implement, using IFTTT, to make sure that your photo gets seen in your followers’ Twitter feeds immediately.


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Meanwhile, Pin this infographic to save the info for later.

How to Upload Images from Instagram to Twitter - Infographic

How to Upload Images from Instagram to Twitter

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